1000 Goji Berry Seeds Superfruit

The length of time to the date of expiry date or best used first depends on the type of product and the brand more. Shorter expiration dates are usually perishable foods (e.g. linseed oil or some probiotics). Although our camp is fully air conditioned, it will be the most fragile in the fridge (or freezer cooling unit) maximum cold. Our reception notre service makes every effort to verify and then type for all incoming products correct expiration dates. But there are changes over time. That being said, is an exceptional sale on our iHerb was one of the freshest in the industry. Weight of shipment of the product to the shipping weight, contains materials of protective packaging and actual shipping box. In addition, the shipping weight for the volumetric weight (e. g., width and height length) of a package can be adapted. It is important to note that certain types of products (glass containers. g, liquid, fragile, refrigerated or frozen packing) often need protection packing materials. Therefore, increased in comparison with the product without protection weight boarding reflect these products. Important note: Note: Korean is put in quarantine and customs check this title 1000 goji berry seeds superfruit before the final delivery to the customer. Please note that the product may cause delivery delays. The tone of the latest super fruits, millions of people in Asia eat Goji berries a day for its unique taste and their health benefits. In the first encyclopedia of herbs from China, Shen Alex Materia Medica, written in the century was b Goji. C., tonic superior marking, a kind of herb, a village of lease youth course is preserve and promote the general good of life. Goji that classification has superior tonic has withstood the test of time. 2 thousand years later, still Goji berries is consumed in Asian civilizations, these so-called reasons. We now know that Goji berries rich in antioxidants high ORAC superfruta with secondary plant substances such as beta carotene, zeaxanthin, betaine, polysaccharides (proteins), trace elements and vitamins. By what este-montana of heaven special Goji berries?Mountain sky Goji berries Goji berries, only the degree of delicious snacks and degrees of grass are severe. They are plump, juicy, sweet and delicious, of course. And it has a unique and balanced profile. It is, of course, cater to the foot of the mountain of heaven, built on a mountain in Central Asia, an area that has the exact quality as Goji better the world. Every drop of water in the areas of culture comes from runoff from the glaciers in the area of sky of mountain and snow. The new land is rich in alkaline minerals, and there is virtually no industry in mille miglia. Extreme daily temperature fluctuations grow Goji gloriously makes adaptogenic properties. The Sun and intense heat produces an incredible sweetness. Our Goji plantations were officially by the Ministry of Agriculture of China as an authentic source wolfberries. certificate. Goji is merienda-poder - premium, which can eat directly into the bag and enjoy. Just as we ask the snack. Well chewed. Handle one or two (of one or two ounces) per day to eat, or to add to your diet and sprinkle on their cereal, salads, cereals, vegetables, yogurt, soups or in products such as cookies and muffins in the oven. You can also either alone or with other herbs and teas to drink delicious cold and hot infusion. Lycium Barbarum BerriesFree, chemical products, pesticides, artificial fertilizers and dyes fungicides. Produced in a facility that processes nuts and peanuts. * Percent of daily values are based on a diet of 2000 calories. Daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. Gojizi-ultimate ' I lived the studies of Chinese medicine in China, Taiwan, in the Japan life and high-quality Goji berries are sampled in these places, but none of them can compare to this Bay. If it is too small to eat; You are all simply amazing. .